I Wish I Had (after Raymond Antrobus)

After reading ‘I wish I had the confidence’ by poet Raymond Antrobus which appears in his wonderful collection ‘The Peserverance’ . Taking Ray’s starting line I was inspired to write my own poem. It’s been a while since I picked up a pen and this is only the second draft but I thought I would post it anyway, in its raw form.

I wish I had (after Raymond Antrobus)


I wish I had the confidence of James Brown’s shoes

before he danced, whilst he danced, whilst he sang.


I wish I had the confidence of my cat, how she owns 

this garden, every paw-print a mark of what is hers.


I wish I had the confidence of a thought’s first breath 

before it finds a home in a head or heart and settles there.


I wish I had the confidence of sky, or the bee

who in its bee-like mind, lives in hope 


knowing there will always be another flower, the treat 

of nectar. I want to sing the top C, to cross


the finish line arms in a victorious Y, first or last.

It doesn’t matter I made the journey anyway.


I wish I had the confidence of those I dream

who have the confidence but maybe don’t, 


a future full of shining what ifs ? 

The possibility of everything.