Looking at Daylight - an interview with photographer Aaron Graubart

I decided it was time to interview some photographers and find out what drives them to take pictures. First up is New York based photographer, Aaron Graubart, whose immaculate image you can see below. AaronGraubart

What or who got you in to taking photographs ? Are there any specific life events that drew you to it initially ?

When I was a small child, David Attenborough’s “Life On Earth” TV series and accompanying books made me want to be a wildlife photographer. My first photographs were taken with my fathers camera in the garden, trying to photograph plants and insects. My first successful photograph was of a friend’s dog, Wilbur,  lying on a bed on a white blanket. I was struck by how the sunlight coming through the window lit the folds in the blanket. I guess I’ve been taking essentially the same photograph over and over again ever since.

What sparks your imagination and inspires you ?

Paintings, Drawings, Books, Films, Looking at daylight and how it behaves, rarely other photographers.

Film or digital ?

The important thing is the image - how it was made is irrelevant to me.

What matters most to you, how a photo looks or how it how it makes you feel ?

If a photograph isn’t intensely beautiful (whatever that means) it is unlikely to make me feel much of anything at all.

Finally, please complete this sentence 'I love taking photographs because.....

I love taking photographs because it makes me feel useful.