The Red Letter - David J

My friend and great talent David J sent me this poem and I post it here (with his kind permission of course) Are you a Lamb or Tyger In life in order to move forward ancient scriptures of the times past Can be quoted as saying seeing what is most important Is not what you keep but what you choose to leave behind in this story What was left behind was the thoughts of a thinker. In a top pocket with a hole in it . This note had a hole right thru the middle of it was found in a war correspondents top pocket Positioned over the left side of the chest After wiping the Red fluid that covered the letters I was able to re -write it . Are you a Lamb or a Tyger can you combine the attributes of both of these animals’ weakness and strength to survive I many believe lambs are sacrificed to the most high to redeem others an some become martyrs Depending on what you truly represent when you project your inners feelings thru your throat passages With songs of innocence They will expose the movements of the deceptive But if what you speak is To close to the truth you will be found guilty of being innocent In a court full of frauds before the last judgement I have seen when political prisoners are on house arrest behind fortified gates It’s like a Robin redbreast in a cage It puts all of heaven in a rage Restriction of freedom in inner elevation to access spiritual planes One can utilize the breath of life in a phrase to etch poetical sketches on the cortexes of a human brain To enlightened the chosen to transcend the obstacles of multidimensional gridlocks an frames Nothing has changed the tyrannical tygers still give out stripes in fearful symmetry The more I see stripes awarded for bravery The I see more boxes in cemetery’s wait can you see it look !! The First Tyger Now we can observe the movements of the tygers elegant broad shoulders during its predatorial Approach towards its next victim calculating its attack Camoflaging the facts To get to its next kill In the marriage of heaven an hell I heard an angel say they refuse to divorce evil So they continue to rotate around the axis of murder cycles So while many lambs are cuddled together in flocks an pray The tyger sharpens it claws an teeth to prey Also but its not in the same way they prey Its void of compassion an emotion its desire is to mercilessly slay The 2nd Tyger Uses lenses with the ability to zoom in an out at close proximity It marks its kingdom and territory with reporter’s magazines, newspapers sex scandals They are constantly walking their serebus dogs Against peace an love Satan is inflicting more boils on job to get their mission done They clinically choreograph propaganda So the truth is missing like child benefit records on 2 cds, Lamech scrolls or honesty In the mouth of the unscrupulous We must lure them closer an closer in order to expose the unseen Make the media develop pictures of the faces behind the crash at pillar Thirteen Come closer, closer paparazzi take pictures of the Poison tree come closer closer to enhance your depth of field come closer to the leaves An please please take another bite from the forbidden apple sink your serpentillian teeth Into the fruits of deceit At the nest of the ravens feet An be lost forever in the land of dreams The 3rd Tyger Revolves around the bosom of a gun chamber full of military bullets It marks it turf by leaving holes physical forms during Senseless massacres That are instigated, supported and funded And time duration elongated So the body counts so high it has to be imagined it’s too large to be estimated Can you see the hapless soldiers? Forced to watch wounded colleges Crawling like caterpillars on the floor abroad Many are awarded medals pinned on to uniforms That remains unseen in the morg If you maintain those seconds of silence you can hear their souls crying thru the bullet holes of their bullet wounds Their final movements Are to place final letters Of their last breath To finalise their final thoughts for their family’s back home To remember what was in their minds and hearts before they died Cuddled around the TV to frightened to answer the phone Nobody wants to give the news to the parentless children who don’t know They will never see them again so These Red letters leave infant sorrow that returns when they are old enough to know The true feeling of the vibration of grief an Sorrow As the phone rings once its answered do you hear that The sound of teardrops rolling from eyes on to the check bones then hitting the carpet an as its being absorbed into its fibres The crying becomes louder Lambs and Tygers seemed to be sacrificed in the same way In the same places For other peoples purposes and gains Are you a Lamb or a Tyger can you combine the attributes of both of these animals’ weakness and Strength to survive? Do you think what is most important to you? Is not what you keep but what you choose to leave behind? After I finished writing the Red letter I placed it next on a pile of other Red letters Each of them had a hole right thru the middle of it I sometimes think to myself When each of these individuals are being prepared to go Are they prepared to go Or are they just being prepared to go Copyright David J 2009