Why I love my Fuji X100s Part 2

When I am my most homesick for shooting on film I find myself editing all my images in black and white. Here are a few taken from a recent trip to see a friend out of London and a portrait of artist Diane Goldie.

_DSF3132 BW.jpg
_DSF3160 BW.jpg
_DSF3189 BW.jpg

Submissions wanted for new zine - 'The Nifty'

I’ve decided to make a mini-zine that will be published two or three times a year. It’s called ‘The Nifty’ and I’m looking for submissions.


  • The theme for this edition is ‘Something Daring’.

  • Please send prose poetry/flash fiction no longer than 100 words to naomi.woddis@btinternet.com.

  • Deadline May 31st (if you haven't heard from me by June 30th your work has not been selected for publication) and thank you in advance for your submissions.

The Nifty.jpg

Fantastic Artists and Writers and Where to Find Them

Here is a list of all the people who so generously took part in ‘The Two of Us’ Festival Fundraiser and their social media contacts and websites. I have also included the details of Reel Rebels Radio where the event was held, as well as renting out rehearsal rooms at competitive prices the entire residence is available to hire for events - hq@reelrebelsradio.com http://reelrebelsradio.com t:@ReelRebelsRadio

We also had Dee doing the security – so for those of you who put on gigs etc. she’s the person to get in touch with at Security4u - info@security4ulimited.com

Finally the event would not have come together had it not been for my great team Alba, Chikodi, Laurence, Nathalie Teitler and my co-host Rishi. Rishi and Alba are on the list of writers. Chikodi is busy working on her novel and not on social media presently. 

Team ! 

You can find Laurence here i: @moniasseartistmuse and https://www.moniasse.com

Nathalie Teitler – t: @natteitler i:@natteitler

Photographer Simona Jausovec was there for the first set and I have included some of her photographs below. You can find her on instagram @simjau72

I have put the writers in the order that they performed. 



Olumide Popoola - https://www.olumidepopoola.comt: @msolumide

Alba Frederick t: alba_writes

Mark Thompson - http://www.theccpress.co.uk t: @CCP_MrT i:@markt1973

Leo Boix – https://www.leonardoboix.co.uk i: @leoboix i: @boixleo

Rishi Dastidar – t: @BetaRish i: @betarish

Karen McCarthy Woolf - https://mccarthywoolf.comt: @KMcCarthyWoolf i: @karenmccarthywoolf 

Cath Drake - https://cathdrake.com t:@cathdrake


Guido Garcia Lueches – t: @ElGuidoGarcia i: @elguidogarcia

Amaal Said - http://www.amaalsaid.com i: @amaalsaid t:@amaalsaid

Rich Blk - http://www.richblk.com t:@richBLKthinks  i: richblkshoots

Peter Raynard - https://proletarianpoetry.com t: @ProletarianPoet

Amy Acre - https://amyacre.org i:@amyacre t: @copyslut

Leone Ross - http://www.leoneross.com t: @leoneross i: @leone.ross

Steven Camden (polarbear) - http://www.bearstories.org t@homeofpolar i: @homeofpolar

Jacob Sam-La Rose - http://jacobsamlarose.comt:@jsamlarose i: @jacobsamlarose


Joshua Idehen - @BeninCitizen i: @joshuaidehen
Caleb Femi - https://www.calebfemi.com/ t: CalebFemi5 i: caleb.femi
Kat Francois - http://www.katfrancois.com/ t: @katfrancois i: kat_francois

Keith Jarrett - http://zoneonetosix.blogspot.com/p/more-about-me.html t: @keithjlondon
i @keithjlondon
Roger Robinson - https://rogerrobinsononline.com/ t: rrobinson72 i: rogerrobinsononline 

Visual Artists

Antonia Atwood - http://antoniaattwood.com/t: @Antonia_Attwood i: @antonia_attwood

Annika Cox - t: @annikamcox i @annikamcox

Zara Carpenter  - http://www.zaracarpenter.com/t: @zaracarpenter i: @zaracarpenter

Celine Marchbank - http://www.celinemarchbank.com/ t: @CelineMarchbank i:@celinemarchbank 

Michelle Rodrigues- i :@diaspora.daughter.dreams 

Rachelle Romeo  - https://rachelleromeoart.wixsite.com/rachelleromeoartist t@rachelleromeo i@rachelleromeoartist

Amaal Said - http://www.amaalsaid.comi: @amaalsaid t:@amaalsaid

Paloma Tendero - https://palomatendero.com/ t: @PalomaTendero i: @palomatendero 

Elsbeth Van der Poel - https://elsbethillustrations.wordpress.com/t: @StudioElsbeth i : @studioelsbeth 

Kathryn Watson (My Illustrated Mind) t: @017kat i: @myillustratedmind

Jasmin Woddis Caron - i@petal.paper

Naomi Woddis - https://www.naomiwoddis.comi: @naomi_woddis t:@NaomiWoddis

Amy Jenine Wong – http://amyjenine.com i: @letmeabc

Rikard Österlund - https://www.rikard.co.uk i:rikardolino t: @rikard

Danny F -  i@dannyf_the_artsloth

Artist Diane Goldie - https://www.dianegoldieartist.comt: @dianegoldieart i: @dianegoldie

Why I Love my Fuji x100s

What with the festival fundraiser for my radio show ‘The Two of Us’ and trying to balance such an undertaking with my ongoing health issues I have hardly picked up the camera. I have been feeling a bit disconnected with my photographic practice, that was until I picked up my Fuji x100s. I have a number of cameras, film and digital, but my Fuji is my go to when I need something user friendly that allows for good quality images in lower light conditions. The more I develop as a photographer the more interested I am in sequence and narrative. My friend Celine Marchbank is an inspiration as always, if you don’t know her work she is well worth checking out.


Christmas Giving

For the past few years I have stop sending Christmas cards and keep present giving to a minimum for my mum, brother and niece. Instead I give the money I would have spent on gifts to a local charity. This year I put a shout out on both Twitter and Instagram and asked people to suggest their favourite charities. Here’s the lis so far in case you feel inclined to share and/or make a small donation yourself.
















Love always, Naomi x